The Briegel Method Tool Company - a short history

"We grow too soon old und too late shmart." So it said on the tape dispenser in my parent's house, and alas, it was certainly true with me, though I suspect I wasn't much different than any other kid. As a youngster, it seemed the Briegel Method Tool Company had always existed and would continue that way forever. I scarcely paid any attention to it growing up, except when some advertising doodad attracted my attention: mechanical pencils and pens of all shapes and colors, playing cards so plentiful I bet we may have even opened fresh decks "once or twice" to supply the neighborhood with "motors" for their bicycles - cards attached with clothespins flapping on the spokes - salt & pepper shakers, match books, cigarette lighters and ash trays, pop bottle stoppers, even a magic trick - all with the company logo on them. It was pretty cool! And it was especially neat that I was somehow related to all of that through my mother.

It all came to an end in 1965. I had taken it for granted, and my chance to pay attention was over.

The Briegel Method Tool Company the way I remember it as a kid.
Photo from the August 1965 issue of the "Galvaland."

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